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Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics Winning Essays



In this special two- part series for the Journal of Practical Ethics, we present the winning essays from the 2014-15 Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics.

For the prize, graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Oxford were invited to submit a short essay on any topic in Practical Ethics, with two winners from each category giving a presentation of their essay to an open audience as the deciding round for first and second places in the competition.

In this issue we present the overall winners from each category, Jessica Laimann (Graduate), and Xavier Cohen (Undergraduate). The essays have been revised in the light of reviewer comments.

We look forward to presenting the two other prize winning essays, Miles Unterreiner (Graduate), and Dillon Bowen (Undergraduate) in a forthcoming issue.

The prize is an annual event, and we hope to continue this series in future issues.